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    Atlantic Accounting Service

    Steve Wexel - Delray Beach, FL

    Small Business Accounting - Small Business Rates

    Member: QuickBooks Advisor Program.

    Accounting over the internet.

    561-272-2710 or
    E-Mail To:

    Everything the commercials say about QuickBooks® accounting software is true. The program is so simple, the only requirement you need is that you want to learn. No prior bookkeeping or computer experience is necessary. Of course some people can learn more than others, but anyone can learn the basics which include bills, checks, invoicing and payroll.

    Using the QuickBooks® software for accounting is not a side business for me, I use the program exclusively for all my clients, and I can be called evenings and weekends so you don't have to take time from your work.

    I have been in business since 1987 and base my clients only on monthly and some quarterly accounting. I only do tax returns for my business clients, as a result I don't have to disappear from Jaunary to April while doing personal tax returns.

    All of my rates are based on an affordable retainer rate. There is no limit to the number of calls, or the amount of time to solve a problem. As a result, you can call me anytime you have even a simple question and not only when you have a problem. My accounting fees include all monthly, quarterly and yearly tax returns including the federal income tax return. (sales tax, payroll tax, personal property tax etc). Also, bartering is available within my local area.

    If you are using the QuickBooks® accounting software, have an internet connection and a phone, you can be anywhere in the world and I can help you.

    You can call me from 8am (edt) to 8pm (edt) 7 days a week. I don't have an answering service or machine because everyone hangs up on them anyway. I'm usually out in the middle of the day since I pick up and deliver to many of my local clients, so try a couple of times to get me. Be patient, its worth it.

    Please note that I am not in any way affilliated with Intuit, Inc. I simply really believe in the programs.

    QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.