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  • Updated 08/02/14 8am.

  • TS Bertha is expected to cross between Puerto Rich and the Dominican Republic and then go north into the Atlantic

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  • WPTV Interactive weather map, can be viewed full screen. Can be viewed as satellite or map and full screen. You can move the map and zoom right down to your house.
  • Click here for the Accuweather hurricane page. They have a great hurricane tracker page that you can see tracks for past storms over satellite image

  • Click here for a satellite view movie of Katrina from formation in the Bahamas to dissipation in Tennessee.
  • Click here for a satellite view movie of Wylma from formation south of Cuba until it hit me and I lost my cable and power. The eye went directly over us and this was the worst storm I was ever in.
  • Click here for the Historic 2005 hurricane season and movies of most of the hurricanes including others of Katrina and Wylma.

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  • Current Year Storms. Catagory shown is highest reached. TS is Tropical Storm, never reached Hurricane strength.

  • 07/01/14 - 07/05/14 Arthur - Cat 2 formed of the South Central coast of Florida, brushed the outer banks of North Carolina then went offshore up to Nova Scotia.
  • 08/01/14 - 00/00/14 TS Bertha - formed East of the Caribbean and is approaching Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

  • Current Water Vapor Views from The Satellite updated every half hour.
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    Click on the photos for a larger picture. Hold your mouse over the picture for the name. If the name has GIF at the end of it, this is an animated GIF and is a large file that can take a couple of minutes on standard cable.

    This is where I am in Delray Beach Florida. The following Hurricanes eyes hit or came close to Delray since I have lived here. I have had no property damage from these storms. My house and the shutters on it are strong and went through a lot of hurricanes before I got here. Don't compare it to all the flimsy cheap construction houses you always see blown apart on the tv news.

    Where I Am Saffer-Simpson Scale We've Moved!!! 1950 - 2004 Hurricanes 2004 Hurricanes 2004 Significant Hurricane Poster Historical Hurricanes

    -----Hurricane Tracks by Year--------

    The following are storm tracks by year. Delray Beach is in the center of the circle and the circle goes out 65 miles each direction from Delray. Storm Tracks1976 Storm Tracks1979 Storm Tracks1984 Storm Tracks1985 Storm Tracks1988 Storm Tracks1991 Storm Tracks1992 Storm Tracks1995 Storm Tracks1998 Storm Tracks1999 Storm Tracks2004 Storm Tracks2005 Storm Tracks2006

    -----Andrew - August 1992--------

    Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew

    -----Charley - August 2004--------

    Charley Charley Charley

    Animated Gifs - moving pictures - longer download on dial up internet.

    Charley2GIF Charley3GIF Charley4GIF Charley5GIF

    -----David - September 1979--------

    David David David David

    -----Frances - September 2004--------

    Frances Frances Frances Frances Frances

    -----Irene - October 1999--------

    Irene Irene Irene

    -----Jeanne - September 2004--------

  • Click here to go to the NOAA satellite page for land photos after Jeanne from mid Palm Beach County North.

    Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne